Coal Mine Visit

mine visit

Go back in time and learn how the mining community of Longyearbyen started more than a hundred years ago!


Appreciate the high peaks and views from the summits of the mountains in Longyearbyen. Though our town is small, it is surrounded by natural skycrapers- mountains! There are daily trips that go to different mountains in Longyearbyen.

Ski Adventures

Experience skiing in Svalbard. Enjoy the beautiful white landscapes and breathtaking views before descending down with your ski. Truly an adventure!


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Get a closer experience with Svalbard’s magnificient nature with multi-day trips. There are several expeditions offered both in the summer and winter.

Snowmobile Adventures

Snowmobile Adventure

To get to distant places in Svalbard during winter, driving a snowmobile is the best way. Get to see big ice chunks, massive glaciers, beautiful fjords, breathtaking landscape formations with snowmobile trips which are offered daily!

Sightseeing and Lectures

What best way to start your polar adventure than to learn the history of the place? Get to know how Longyearbyen started as a mining community while the guide takes you to the most interesting parts of of our town.

Photo Safari

photo safari 1

Join these photo safari tours for more chances of capturing Svalbard’s unique wildlife such as reindeers and arctic fox. The guide will take you to the most picturesque part of Longyearbyen, where chances of seeing wildlife are higher.

Northern Lights Adventures

Adventdalen by Eirik Lillehugo

Seeing the Northern Lights is, for sure, one of everyone’s entry on their bucket list. Once a dream for you will become a reality when you pay a visit up here between October until February, where we experience total darkness all over Svalbard — making it easier for us to catch these magical lights!


You do not need to have a prior experience with kayaking to join one. With Longyearbyen’s typically calm waters and cool weather in the summer, experience the beautiful fjord with our experienced guides.

Ice Cave Visits

Overnatting isgrotte

Get into the frozen world, either with dogs, snowmobile, or just with your feet! There are several ice cave trips offered daily. This is one of the most popular trips, so be sure to book a spot.