Coal Mine Visit

mine visit

Are you curious about the coal mining industry in Longyearbyen and the history behind why some men decided to settle here some 100 years ago?


Longyearbyen is surrounded by majestic mountains. There are many guided hikes to choose between, from reaching summits to exploring valleys. Some are short and suitable for everyone, while others are more physically demanding. No matter which hiking trip you choose, you are assured of a fantastic experience with an experienced guide and wonderful views.

Snowmobile Adventures

Snowmobile Adventure

Do you want to experience the same adventure of driving a snowmobile and exploring places like the majestic nature to the east coast and see amazing sights like icebergs, old trappers’ huts, glaciers, and Arctic animal life? We share the same feeling! Indeed a mixture of an adventurous and fun way to get around.

Sightseeing and Lectures

Reindeer in Longyearbyen, Svalbard

What greater way can you start a new adventure in an unfamiliar place than having an introduction to it? Sightseeing and lectures are undoubtedly the best choices for you- learning the history and background of Longyearbyen and Svalbard, in general, will make you appreciate the island better.

Northern Lights Adventures

Adventdalen by Eirik Lillehugo

Seeing the Northern Lights is, for sure, one of everyone’s entry on their bucket list. Once a dream for you will become a reality when you pay a visit up here between October until February, where we experience total darkness all over Svalbard — making it easier for us to catch these magical lights!


On a kayak trip, you will get closer to a nature experience and master a thrilling and traditional form of arctic travel. The trip will be led by experienced kayak guides within our safe boundaries, and is thus suitable for anybody with a spirit of adventure.

Ice Cave Visits

Overnatting isgrotte

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be in an ice cave? Svalbard is covered with 60% glaciers, which also meant it is home to various ice caves. Several tour companies offer activities going to these majestic locations with different ways to get there.

Dog Sledding

Hundekjøring på hjul KREDITER GDS 2

During the trip you will experience the power of the dogs and their passion for running, all while traveling through the wide-open Arctic. You might even have the chance to see other wildlife such as reindeer or foxes wandering by.

Boat Trips

In the summer, there are many boat trips. The tours go past glaciers and include a guided tour through the city as well as lunch. Snacks and beverages can be bought on board.
Other tours are mostly with smaller boats and fewer guests.