Ice Cave Visits

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be in an ice cave? Have you always wanted to encounter this natural phenomenon where beautiful ice caves were formed by running water under a glacier? Worry not for we exactly have what you are looking for.

Svalbard is covered with 60% glaciers, which also meant it is home to various ice caves. Several tour companies offer activities going to these majestic locations with different ways to get there.
You have a few options- may it be through a snowmobile, with dogs in a dog sledding trip, or if you seek a more adventurous and active one- then a hike to get there will be the best choice. Either way is excellent, and choosing which one will fit you best is a decision for you to decide.

Let go of the doubts, let not the cold bother, and join us as you experience an icy wonderland down under!

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