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Dogsledding Activites

The best way to experience the beauty and endlessness of the Arctic landscape is on a dogsled. When you join the tour, you’ll get to meet a lot of happy dogs and learn how to prepare your own team before leaving on an adventure.

When you arrive to the dog yard, your guide will give you an introduction to the dogs and tell you about our dogsledding lifestyle. You’ll have the chance to walk around the yard and cuddle with the dogs, who are always eager to make new friends. One of the best parts of dogsledding is connecting with your dog team, so you’ll learn how to harness your own dogs and drive the sled. Once we’re ready to go, we will drive out into the wilderness and into one of the many valleys surrounding us.

During the trip you will experience the power of the dogs and their passion for running, all while traveling through the wide-open Arctic. You might even have the chance to see other wildlife such as reindeer or foxes wandering by.

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3-day Dogsled Expedition

At this 3 day adventure with dogsledge, you will experience the best of the arctic..icecave visit, overnight in a trappers cabin and of course lots of mushing!

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Dogsledding to ice cave3

Dogsledding to an Ice Cave

Travel with your own dogsled to a magnificent ice cave, accessible only by dogsled. Within the ice cave, the lights from our headlamps let us experience ice as few people have seen it.

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