Boat Trips

You should go on boat trips if you want to see and explore the gorgeous, wild, and untouched nature of the Arctic! There are several selections of boat trips that go around Isfjorden, visit several glaciers, and visit neighboring towns.

The Russian settlements of Barentsburg and Pyramiden are reached by boat during both summers in winter.

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Glacier Safari by Svalbard Adventures 2

Glacier Safari

Explore the wonders of a wild, untouched and unruly archipelago north of mainland Norway. The landscape in this unique place, where nature dominates and the seasons dictate, is covered by active glaciers and towering mountains.

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Whale Safari Polar Charter

Whale Safari

Join us on M/V “Polargirl” for an evening trip searching for the biggest animals on the planet the blue whale.

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Walrus Safari

Svalbard is a treasure trove of a distinctive fjord and mountain landscape in the high Arctic. On our boat tour towards Prins Karls Forland we will explore the mighty glacier fronts, the unique wildlife and the graceful walrus that are often observed in colonies on the beach.

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Boattrip to Pyramiden & Nordenskiöld glacier with Polar Charter

We leave the harbor in Longyearbyen on our way to Pyramiden. On our way over there, we pay a little visit to Skansbay. This bay is about 2 km long and are known for its enriching animal and plant life. Here they have also tried on a mining life, from the huge number of gypsum that this place had. This was shot down not long after. From here we go into Pyramiden, which is located in Billefjord.

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