Boat Trips

You should choose to go on a boat trip if you want to see and explore the majestic, wild, and untouched nature of the Arctic! There are several offers of trips that let you explore Isfjorden, see glaciers, and visit neighboring towns.

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OBS! We strongly discourage our guests, customers, and bookers to visit the Russian settlements, Pyramiden and Barenstburg, or to book or purchase any activities and services that have to do with the Russian state-owned company Trust Arcticugol. The encouragement to cease/stop purchasing these services is due to the ongoing inhuman invasion of Ukraine by Russia. For more information, see the media release from Svalbard Tourism Council and Visit Svalbard.

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Wildlife and Glacier Cruise Photo Eveline Lunde

Captain’s Favourites

With our open polar circle boats, we drive out on the fjord and set course for Coles Bay. The Arctic landscape is prominent, and it is impossible not to be captivated by the nature that surrounds the boat as it whizzes across Isfjorden.

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catchoftheday bettermoments

Catch of the day

With a closed rib, the possibilities are endless. Comfortable, warm and fast, we’ll travel to where the action is. With our years of experience, we’ll do our best to give you your greatest nature experience ever!

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Glacier Safari by Jan Christophe Elle Svalbard Adventures Gjestehuset 102
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Glacier Safari

Explore the wonders of a wild, untouched and unruly archipelago north of mainland Norway. The landscape in this unique place, where nature dominates and the seasons dictate, is covered by active glaciers and towering mountains.

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last ned

Ny-Ålesund: The Northernmost Town in the World

Join us on a trip to Ny-Ålesund, a former mining town and gateway to the Arctic. This was the starting point for famous explorers’ race to the North pole. Roald Amundsen, known as the first person to reach both to the South- and North pole, used Ny-Ålesund as his base when he journeyed to the pole in 1926 with the Airship NORGE.

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Glacier Safari by Jan Christophe Elle Svalbard Adventures Gjestehuset 102 1
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RIB Safari along the ice edge

Travel by boat in the footsteps of historical explorers as we cross the Isfjord and head for Oscar ll Land in the northwest of Spitsbergen. A rich diversity of wildlife, glaciers and blue ice formations await us.

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Walrus Safri Gjestehuset 102 Svalbard Adventures 3
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Walrus Safari

Experience the walrus on our boat trip to Borebukta, where the fascinating sea mammals often are observed on the ice in front of the glacier, in water and on land. Mighty glacier fronts and a distinctive fjord and mountain landscape also await.

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