Get the brightest smile on the darkest place! Enjoy a piece of the longest night of the year, discover the delight of Svalbard when the sun leaves and let the Aurora Borealis shine above the snowy mountains and fjords.

Admire the beauty among the shape of the night, the silence, the snow and the starry sky and find all kind of beauty in this exotic destination.

Follow the tunnels underneath the glaciers and get amazed by the ice caves, the city lights flickering on the sea, or visit a ghost town walking in the moonlight.

Only 2500 NOK per person, the program is flexible and other wished activities can be set in during free time.

Minimum 1 participant per booking, promotion valid until January 31


Day 1

Arrival in Longyearbyen

Welcome to the land of polar day and polar night! By taking your feet to Longyearbyen Airport from the aircraft that you have just been, we take this as a sign that you are in complete readiness to a no-sun commitment for a few nights! Yes, long polar nights. The only things that will be above us are the moon, stars and if we are lucky, northern lights! This doesn’t sound scary at all, because it is not–  we consider this as the most magical season of the year!

A shuttle bus will be outside the airport. It will go as soon as all the luggage are handed in. Gjestehuset 102 is the last stop.

Upon arriving to the hostel, an envelop is ready for you at the reception, with your key, to check in. Then you have the rest of the day to spend with yourself.

Recommended activities during free time

if you check in early, you can make use of your time to:

* visit the Svalbard Museum

* visit the town, explore shops and restaurants

*get a sightseeing activity in our Activity Calendar

* or just relax, get a coffee or tea in our coffee room, and entertain yourselves in our TV rooms

The famous Polar Bear warning sign on Adventdalen,
Photo: Eirik Lillehugo

coffee room
TV Room

Day 2

1. Breakfast
2. Free time
3. Frozen World- A hike to visit the Ice Cave

Inside the glaciers in Svalbard, you will find another world–a world filled with ice that has been shaped in the summertime at Svalbard by melting ice and snow through the water melting channels.

We start from the top of town in Nybyen and walk up to the glacier.  After hiking uphill for around 2 hours and covering 350 high meters, we reach the entrance to the cave. Here we will dress ourselves with safety equipment like helmet, spikes and head light before we continue down to the cave.

Inside the glacier , we spend time to experience the cave with halls, tight passages and thick layers of ice crystals.

The trip is moderately difficult, some mountain hiking and some crawling in the cave can be expected. The trip does not fit for guests with back problems and claustrophobia.

In the ice cave, we serve something warm to drink and biscuits.

We recommend bringing a backpack with something to drink during the hike, extra warm clothes, extra space for gear (spikes, helmet and a headlamp) and solid hiking boots for winter conditions.

Difficulty: Medium to Advanced

Duration: 5 hours

Includes: Transport from/to accommodation, snowshoes, helmet, head light, crampons, something warm to drink, biscuits and guide with necessary safety equipment.

4. Getting back, rest and hot chocolate at Gjestehuset 102
5. Free Time

Inside the ice cave.
Photo: Polina Bublik

ice cave

Day 3

1. Breakfast
2. Free time
3. Longyearbyen Panorama: A hike to the viewpoint at Plateau Mountain

In this activity, we hike to the view point at Plateau Mountain at 424 meters above sea level with a great view over Longyearbyen. This hike during the twilight and dark season makes it quite spectacular!

We hike up to a stone monument, and if the weather allows it, we continue higher. We bring headlamps with us, but only turn them on when we need them. If we are lucky, in the dark period, we can see the Northern Lights dancing above us.

This trip can be steep at some parts of the hike. On the summit, we serve warm drinks and snacks.

We recommend bringing a backpack with an extra warm jacket, drinking water and of course some solid mountain hiking boots.

Difficulty: Medium to Advanced

Duration: 4 hours

Included: Transportation to/from accommodation, snow shoes, headlamps, hot drink, biscuits and guide with necessary safety equipment.

4. Getting back, rest and hot chocolate at Gjestehuset 102
5. Free time

The view above the view point on Plateau Mountain during dark season.
Photo: Polina Bublik

DSC 7002

Day 4

1. Breakfast
2. Free time
3. Check out at 11:00

To  those who are checking out, you still can stay with us in our common rooms while waiting for the shuttlebus which stops outside.

Northern Lights seen on a gjestehuset102 window.
Photo: Polina Bublik

This is definitely the next adventure! Mark your calendars. Visit Svalbard this dark season and feel the magic with us!

Accommodation in single or double room by request.

As an additional option, we can prolong your stay with us and book more activities. Just let us know.

For general information, visit our FAQs page.

For more questions, call us at +47 900 30 321 or e-mail at


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