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Plateau Mountain: Hike to the viewpoint with panorama

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Join us for a hike to the view point at Platåfjellet at 424 meters above sea level with a great view over Longyearbyen. This hike during the twilight and dark season makes it quite spectacular.

We hike up to a stone monument, and if the weather allows it, we continue higher. We bring headlamps with us, but only turn them on when we need them. If we are lucky, in the dark period, we can see the Northern Lights above us.

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This trip is suitable for:

Age limit: 12 years

Level: 3 of 5 

The hike is moderately difficult because of the mountain hike in cold weather, and can be steep at some parts.

What to bring/wear:

Solid warm worn in hiking boots, extra warm clothing, drinking water (in thermos as this can easily freeze to ice), a camera, an extra sweater to wear during breaks and on the way back, and a backpack with space for this.

If you do not have warm worn in boots, you can rent a pair for NOK 100,- If the snow conditions demand, we use snowshoes or do alternative hike.

During this hike we will serve a warm drink and snacks. Bring extra food if needed. 

Change of program:

The program of the trip may alter during the trip depending on weather changes and the size of the group.

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Price includes: Transportation to/from the accommodation, snow shoes, headlamps, hot drink, biscuits, and a guide with necessary safety equipment. 

Season: All year round
Days: See activity calendar
Starting times: 10:00 and 17:00
Duration: 3 hours summer/4 hours winter
Level: 3/5

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