Practical Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Opening hours of the reception:

8-11 AM

1-4 PM
6-9 PM

8 AM – 9 PM

Check in: 2 PM
Check out: 11 AM


Late Arrivals

If you are are arriving later than the reception opening hours, you will find your key in an envelop with your name and room number written in it. This envelop will be found inside the post box, just outside the guesthouse door. Your key opens the main door. Please come to the reception the morning after and show some legitimization.

For transportation,  there is an Airport Shuttle Bus every arrival and departure. There is no need to book. This costs 100,- NOK per person, cheaper when you buy the 2-way (tur-retur) ticket.

Taxis are also available for around 150-200 NOK.

Frequently Asked Questions:

102-related questions

Yes, from 07:30 to 10:00. Breakfast is on the 1st floor, to the left on the way to the coffee room.

The  continental breakfast in buffet includes wheat bread, flat bread, cereals & flakes, different kind of jams, some fruit cuts & juice, ham, eggs, and more. Waffles are also available on selected days.

Bed linens and towels are provided. Just bring toiletries and indoor slippers!

Yes, we offer this service for 200,- NOK per bag (or maximum a machine can take). This includes tumble dry.

Yes, there is a self-catering kitchen located on the 2nd floor, equipped with all necessary equipment. Foods can be put on the refrigerators, but you have to write your name and check-out date, otherwise it will be thrown away when cleaning the fridges. Please make sure to follow the cooking precautionary measures as well.

At Gjestehuset 102, bathrooms, toilets, and all other facilities are shared.

Smoking in the whole building is strictly prohibited. Smoking is allowed outside.

The coffee room can be used/rented as a meeting room, just let us know in advance so we can prepare it for you. The room can accommodate up to 30 people. Projector is provided.

The closest restaurant, Coal Miners Bar & Grill, is located just across the road, from the hostel. 

Yes, for single and twin/double rooms. Max 1 bed/mattress per room. The mattress costs 395,- NOK while the extra bed costs 500 NOK per night. Breakfast, bed linens, and towels are included.

Taxi costs around 140 NOK one way from our hostel to the city. This is per taxi, not per person. For groups from 5 people, the rate is higher.

The Seed Vault is quite far from the hostel, and is out of the safe zone, so it is not recommended to go hike to the seed vault without a weapon for protection. There is a nice hike that goes around the area, allowing you to learn something about the seed vault and admiring it more. You’ll get a nice view over the fjord as well. This hike is called Blomsterdalen: Hike in the area with the Seed Vault | Gjestehuset102.

There are shuttle buses for every arrivals and departures. After getting the luggage, head out form the aiport and you’ll see the busses outside. There is no need to book for this. This costs 100,- NOK per person, cheaper when you buy the 2-way (tur-retur) ticket. Taxis are also available for around 150-200 NOK.

Yes, it is possible. For the late arrivals, please send us an e-mail for the instructions, with your booking number. 

Yes, it is safe to walk and wander around our town, which most of us locals love to do. The pink-shaded areas on this map are considered as the safe zone. Take a look. We are located in Nybyen, around 2,3 km away from the town.

To get down to the town centre, you can do it by walking or getting a taxi.

It would take around 25 minutes to walk down. When the weather is good, it will be very nice to walk, enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of the historical surroundings.
For taxi, you can alwasy ask the reception to call a taxi for you. Otherwise, you can reach them at +47 7902 1375 or +47 7902 1305 (2 different taxi companies)

We have our little souvenir shop in front of the reception. Check this out for cool svalbard souvenirs you can get for your friends anc family back home, and even for yourself.

In addition to this, we also sell postcards and stamps. We can post these postcards at the post office  for you.

Unfortunately, due to our town lacking banking services, we do not accept any cash payments on our hotel at the moment.


Booking of activities is easy! Use our Activity Calendar and you’ll find all the activities available on your selected dates. It is usually better to book in advance to secure a slot.

When already at the hostel, you will find an Activity Booking Station in front of the reception which operates 24/7. If having problems or want to ask recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask the reception.

Most activities include pick-up and drop-off. You choose the pick-up point upon booking of the activities- choose Gjestehuset 102 if you are staying with us. The starting time the activity shows on the confirmation/activity page is the pick-up time, but is is always smart to be fully ready at leats 10 minutes before the pick-up time.

There are no activities that specifically aim Polar Bears. It is illegal to chase/disturb the wildlife on Svalbard. However, the highest chances of seeing Polar Bears are through boat trips during summer and snowmobile tours during winter. They are marine mammals and they therefore usually stay close to the coasts. Check the activities here.

To have the best experience on wildlife photography, we recommend going with Photo Safari trips or/and Boat Trips


A valid drivers license in your country is considered a valid requirement to drive a snowmbile. Make sure to bring the physical drivers license with you, as photos/photocopies of this is not valid.

It is not possible to enter the seed vault, but to wander around the area is possible by:

  1. Booking the Blomsterdalen hiking tour, a hike around the area where the seed vault is situated. 
  2. Getting a taxi to the area and asking the driver to wait for few minutes for you in order for you to take some photos. It costs around 450 NOK back and forth, so it is better to bring a friend or 2 so you can share the taxi costs.


The Global Seed Vault is not part of the safe zone, so it is not recommended to go wander around the area without any weapon.

During the peak season, from February to September, the activities usually get fully booked fast, so we recommend booking the activities in advance. If you want to check the weather before deciding which activities to do on which days, you can check the weather forecast and book latest 5 days in advance in order to secure slots.

You can check the weather forecast on

The period where we can see Northern Lights is from October until early March. During the polar night, mid November until mid February, it is dark 23/7 that we see these magical lights any time of the day.

Gjestehuset 102 is located far from town, away from light pollution, making it an ideal place for aurora hunting. When you stay with us during the northern lights season, always check the aurora forecast for ideas on auora sightings. It is also recommended to check real-time sky camera located in Adventdalen, to see if there are active northern lights on the sky:

You can walk up a few meters on the end of Nybyen to look for the lights, but make sure to wear high-visibility vest or have a headlamp with you. 

General about Longyearbyen

Svalbard has Norway’s emergency hotline.

110 – Fire Department

112 – Police

113 – Ambulance


We use Norwegian Krones in Svalbard.

There are unfortunately no ATM machines nor cash withdrawal services in Longyearbyen.

Most establishments in Longyearbyen do not accept cash. Cards can be used everywhere.

Only the supermarket/coop-store accepts euros, and if you do pay with Euro, the change will be in Norwegian Krones. It is not necessary to bring any cash with you when you visit. On these days, card is king!

For rules and regulations about flying drones in Longyearbyen, please check here:

Additional Information


Free wi-fi 
Activity Booking Station
Sales of postcards, snacks, beverages, and gifts
Rental of the private kitchen for groups
Rental of audiovisual equipment for groups
Laundry (200NOK)
Housekeeping and new linen service on request (inquire before 9 AM at the reception)

Fee for lost key: 600,- NOK

For medical, fire, and other emergencies call The Governor of Svalbard’s 24-hour emergency line at 112.

See you at Gjestehuset 102!

Activity Booking Station