Ice cave overnight adventure A night in an icecave Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Ice cave overnight adventure: A night in an ice cave

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Join us for an evening trip spending the night in the ice cave!

It’s out in the untouched nature you can experience the magic of Svalbard at its best.

To experience the light and the colours, we have to leave the houses and the artificial light from the city. It’s only when we get out in the nature – and darkness – that we can experience the magic light that the dark period /Polar Night can give when walking to the Cave. During February our daylight is back.

The magical Svalbard experience

On the first day, the guide will pick you up at the accommodation at 17.00.

We drive down to our storage where we have a short briefing about the trip, and take out the equipment we need. We prepare the packing for our journey from Nybyen. Once the snowshoes have been adjusted, we head for Longyearbreen glacier. It doesn’t take long before we arrive in the shadow of the lighting from Longyearbyen, and into the polar night.

We follow the glacier in a steady rise until we are up on the glacier plateau where the cave is. Here we fire up the primus and enjoy a cup of warm beverage before we continue on our evening walk up the mountain.

Overnatting isgrotte
Ice Cave overnight with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

From the ridge and the very top of the mountain, the view over a landscape in dark season is fantastic.

The return to the cave is quick, and once down we prepare dinner and get ready for a night under the magical glacier. Here you will experience an underground worls of halls, narrow passages and thick layers of powerful ice crystals before we crrawl into our sleeping bags for the night.

After a good breakfast, we pack up and get ready for the return down the glacier. Then it’s a short walk way back to Longyearbyen and civilization. We expect to be back in Longyearbyen at 11:00 am.

Practical Information

  • Good, warm and sealed mountain boots*

  • Warm clothes

  • Cold drink (preferably in a thermos as liquid can freeze to ice)

  • Camera

  • Backpack

  • Warm jumper for the journey home and breaks

*After booking confirmation, you will receive our complete recommended equipment list for this tour.

*If you do not have warm hiking boots, these can be rented for NOK 100.

Bring your own packed lunch if necessary.

Sleeping bags can be rented from us for NOK 600 per piece.

  • Season: November-May

  • The tour starts: 

  • Duration: Approx. 17 hours

  • Age limit: 16 years

  • Price: NOK 3900

  • Level: 4/5

The trip has moderate difficulty level 4 in cases of extreme cold and that crawling in the cave may occur. Not suitable for those with back problems, claustrophobia or poor physical condition. 

You must be able to carry the necessary equipment for the overnight stay – the guide will help with the packing.


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