Sightseeing Activities

What greater way can you start a new adventure in an unfamiliar place than having an introduction to it? Sightseeing and lectures are undoubtedly the best choices for you- learning the history and background of Longyearbyen and Svalbard, in general, will make you appreciate the island better.

Join a sightseeing tour and experience Longyearbyen in a nutshell, take a visit to the Svalbard Museum, or a walk to the center, taking the scenic route. If you wish to know more about these activities that tour operators offer, click below.

Svalbard is indeed an adventure, beautiful landscapes, history, and more!

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Summer & Winter

Longyearbyen in a Nutshell: Sightseeing with the local expert

2-hour sightseeing. We drive around Longyearbyen, across the valley towards Gruve 7, and towards the airport and Mine 3. The guide focuses on what we see and will answer questions, as well as tell about Longyearbyen’s history, from the beginning of the mining to the present modern society.

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Sightseeing winter with electrical fatbike 

A round trip with electric bikes enables you to experience a lot of Longyearbyen’s sights in a comfortable and efficient way, while getting close to nature. It is not uncommon to have to stop for reindeer and polar foxes when you travel silently and environment friendly on two wheels.

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