Northern Lights Adventures

Seeing the Northern Lights is, for sure, one of everyone’s entry on their bucket list. Once a dream for you will become a reality when you pay a visit up here between October until February, where we experience total darkness all over Svalbard — making it easier for us to catch these magical lights!

Why in Svalbard?

Svalbard is located up North, and the fact that we have 24-hour darkness during the dark season  is a great advantage to get a chance to see this once in a lifetime beauty. 

Usually, these magical lights of different colors, dancing above the sky are found in places where there is less to no light pollution. Activity providers in Svalbard offer Northern Nights experiences by snowmobile, dog sledding, by boat, or even on foot equipped with snowshoes. Whichever you choose will give you a different kind of adventure that is, for sure, worth remembering. Indeed Svalbard fits the bill! 

Book your Northern Lights adventure with us and tick off one in that bucket list!

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tn Snowmobile Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Snowscooter
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Northern Lights Safari by Snowmobile

Join us on a snowmobile safari over the frozen river delta in the Advent Valley to a natural ice phenomenon known by the Inuits as “pingos”. We leave the artificial light of Longyearbyen and enter the dark landscape illuminated by the snow, moon and stars. Remember to look up in case the Northern Lights appear.

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Snowmobile Safari to Northern Lights Camp

Visiting the area around the Tempelfjord and Sassendalen valley during the Polar Night is a wonderful experience that gives you a real sense of being at one with nature. We will heat up our lavvu for lunch and storytelling in a historical setting surrounded by wild nature.

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Northern light Arctic wilderness evening Aurora borealis Agurtxane Concellon Portrait 1920x1920 02 blue

Northern Lights Evening

Experience the magic of being out in the wilderness at 78 degrees north! Our northern lights evening at Camp Barentz is a very special experience that you really should enjoy during your stay in Longyearbyen. As we leave town and drive into the Advent Valley your anticipation increases. The mountains on either side of the valley loom over us like giants, hardly visible in the polar night – or bathed in moonlight and the green glow of the aurora. What awaits us at the end of the road?

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Northernlights hunting snowcat HRS Photo EvelineLunde 6

Northern lights hunt with Snowcat

Take the whole family along, and join us on an exciting snowcat trip as we hunt for the northern lights. The snowcat is impossible to miss when it parks outside your hotel, but as soon as you have exchanged the town for the wilderness, the vehicle will seem very small, and the wilderness very big. An aurora hunt by snowcat is a great way for people of all ages to leave civilisation behind. The trip is not physically demanding, and is also suitable for children.

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Northern Lights Photo Safari

This Northern Light photo-safari takes us leisurely into Adventdalen, where we wait to hopefully with a little luck will be able to watch the colourful lights dancing in the sky.

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