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Snowmobile Safari to Northern Lights Camp

with Svalbard Adventures

Visiting the area around the Tempelfjord and Sassendalen valley during the Polar Night is a wonderful experience that gives you a real sense of being at one with nature. We will heat up our lavvu for lunch and storytelling in a historical setting surrounded by wild nature.

Kitted out in good and warm clothing, with our faces pointed eastwards towards the darkness and to the rumbling sound of the snowmobiles, we are ready for a day out in the Svalbard nature. We drive by snowmobile along the river landscape, wide valleys and open expanses to the Brattlidalen valley. This small hidden valley, which resembles a small cathedral, was formed by the meltwater that flowed through here over a period of several thousand years.


— I thought I had experienced wilderness and scenic beauty before; but the two days of adventure organised by this team blew my mind!


Silje Christine, Switzerland (Tripadvisor)

Candles and a crackling fire light up the lavvu (traditional Sami herdsmen’s tent) and the spectacular surroundings. Sitting on benches covered by reindeer skins, our guides will serve you a hot lunch while sharing fascinating stories about Svalbard. During the Polar Night at this time of the year, the sun is so far below the horizon that the polar light is even clearer than usual. Out here, far removed from the artificial light in Longyearbyen, we have the best possible conditions for experiencing the Northern Lights. Svalbard is one of the few populated places on earth where this mystical phenomenon can be viewed during the daytime.

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
Per personNOK2690 driver
Also available as:
Per personNOK1190.00 passenger

Prices may be subject to change.


Difficulty: 3 of 5

Time: 10:00-17:00

Minimum participants: 2 drivers

Age limit: 12 years

svalbard adventures
  • Transport to and from your hotel
  • Touring snowmobile and fuel
  • A snowmobile suit, boots, mittens, helmet, goggles and balaclava
  • An expedition lunch, hot drinks and biscuits
  • Search and Rescue Insurance
  • A local and experienced guide with a snowmobile and safety equipment
  • A valid driving license for a car, snowmobile, or motorcycle is required throughout the whole trip.
  • We do not recommend this tour if you are pregnant or have back problems
  • We recommend arm clothing to wear under the winter suit such as wool underwear, wool socks, thick sweater, and extra mittens.

  • A small backpack for extra clothing and other items
  • For participants driving this excursion, it is required that you speak or understand English or a scandinavian language
  • For safety reasons, the route may change due to weather, wind, and snow conditions

Svalbard has a common grading system so you will find the trip that suits you. There are no snowmobile trip that suits everyone, therefore there’s no grading 1. Highlighted number is graded for this trip:

2- Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, very easy and flat terrain

3- Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, though rugged terrain

4- Previous snowmobile experience is recommended, long day trip

5- This activity demands previous snowmobile experience, very long day trip

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Eskerfossen waterfall

After lunch, we explore the area around the lavvu before starting up our snowmobiles again. Our next stop is the Eskerfossen waterfall. The name comes from the term “esker”, which is stratified sand and gravel deposited by meltwater under a glacier. After the ice has melted, the esker remains as a ridge in the terrain. Out here in the Arctic wilderness, we can enjoy the majestic sight of the frozen waterfall hanging over the edge of the ridge.

As we approach Longyearbyen, we make a final stop to admire the sight of this isolated settlement bathing in light, in sharp contrast with the surrounding nature.

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The route: