Glacier Safari

with Svalbard Adventures

Explore the wonders of a wild, untouched and unruly archipelago north of mainland Norway. The landscape in this unique place, where nature dominates and the seasons dictate, is covered by active glaciers and towering mountains.

Glacier Safari by Jan Christophe Elle Svalbard Adventures Gjestehuset 102
Glacier Safari by Jan Christophe Elle Svalbard Adventures Gjestehuset 102 1

Rulers of the wind

Coincidences and close-up nature-based experiences await us in the Isfjord, which is an arena for the wildlife in Svalbard. As the warm ocean currents merge with the cold freshwater from the glaciers, a favourable climate is created, which provides nutrition for plants and animals alike.

Surrounded by the sea as a natural pantry, you may become acquainted with the rulers of the wind, including the northern fulmar, black-legged kittiwake and puffin gliding along the water line. We stop near the glacier to try to catch a glimpse of the wildlife on the ice floes and in surrounding area, while enjoying a meal and listening to storytelling from the guide. The Isfjord is full of active and spectacular glaciers. Which glacier we visit varies from day to day. Our guide will evaluate the weather and conditions and choose the destination that will give you the best experience.

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
Per personNOK1,990.00 
Also available as:
Children under 15 yearsNOK1145.00 


Difficulty: 2 of 5 – Suitable for most


Minimum participants: 2 persons

Age limit: 10 years

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Mighty glacier

The sound of thunder erupts from the glacier. The glacier is on the move. The sound comes from the vast amounts of ice moving and being pushed closer and closer to the edge, where they break off and plummet into the sea. This spectacular natural phenomenon is known as calving. Unlike the glaciers on the mainland, the glaciers in Svalbard can recede slowly for many years before suddenly gaining rapid speed and advancing many kilometres in the space of a few years. This spectacular process is known as surging and creates ice formations within the glacier that often calve into the sea.

Feel the sea breeze in your hair and experience the forces of nature as we travel on an exciting safari in our open rigid inflatable boats (RIB).

Practical Information

  • Transport to and from the accommodation
  • Floating suit, life vest, shoes and googles
  • Guide with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance
  • Lunch, hot drinks and biscuits
  • Due to infection control guidelines guest have to bring their own mittens, beanie and balaclava
  • We do not recommend this tour if you are pregnant or have back problems
  • Age limit: 10 years, or 14 years if the passenger is not accompanied by an adult.Height restriction: inseam of least 74 cm.
  • We recommend warm clothing to wear under the floating suit such as wool underwear, wool socks, thick sweater and windproof outer clothing
  • A small backpack for extra clothing and other items
  • Please state any food allergies or other preferences
  • For safety reasons, the route may change due to weather, wind and ice conditions

Svalbard has a common grading system so you will find the trip that suits you. Highlighted number is graded for this trip:

1 – Suitable for all

2 – Suitable for most

3 – Average physical fitness

4 – Above average physical fitness

5 – Demands exceptional physical fitness