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An ATV safari is a fun and exciting activity, offering a sightseeing trip with a difference in the Longyearbyen area.

The summer in Svalbard is short and hectic with daylight around the clock during the Midnight Sun season from April to late August. If riding an ATV sounds fun, you have the chance to experience this in the world’s most exciting place. You drive a Can-Am Outlander ATV from Longyearbyen in a summery Svalbard landscape out to the Advent Valley. Keep an eye out for the rich animal and bird life and, if you are lucky, you may spot Arctic foxes and reindeer. Enjoy the wonderful view from the top of the mountain at Mine 7 then stop for coffee at a trapper’s station!

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Season15 May 2019 – 30 Nov 2019
Monday – Sunday 08:00 to   11:30
13:00 to   16:30


We drive our ATVs into a classic Svalbard landscape in the Adventdalen, a valley shaped by glaciers and surrounded by mountains and interesting cultural monuments. Often, we see both Svalbard reindeers and Arctic foxes on this. We drive towards the foot of the mountain of coal mine number 7. From here, we drive to the top of the mountain on our vehicles on a dirt paved road. From here we can enjoy an amazing view of Adventdalen and Isfjorden. We will serve coffee and some snacks on this trip. If we have time on our drive back to town, we can stop by one of the many dog yards in the valley. Please be aware that The Svalbard Environmental Protection Act prohibits driving off-road on the fragile Arctic tundra. We are required by law to only drive on roads. The ATV safari is a great way to learn just a fraction of what makes Svalbard such a fantastic place to live, and we guarantee you will leave feeling enriched from the experience.


Transport to and from hotel, briefing, ATV, fuel, snowmobile suit, special boots, outer mittens, helmet, driving goggles, face mask, coffee and cookies, insurance, tour leader with ATV and safety equipment.

Please notice! A car or motorcycle- driving license is required for driving an ATV. The driver’s license must be carried throughout the tour. There will not be given any refund of activity if you forget to bring your driver’s license.

Age limit: 8 years

We require minimum 2 drivers on this trip.


Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Per person NOK1,290.00 driver
Per person NOK890.00 passenger

Prices may be subject to change.



  • Guided tour

Age limit

  • children – Minimum 8 years old


  • 4 hours
  • Half day

Participants must bring

  • warm clothing
  • windproof clothing


  • Northern light winter
  • Polar summer


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