Northern Lights Photo Safari

with Svalbard Photography

This Northern Light photo-safari takes us leisurely into Adventdalen, where we wait to hopefully with a little luck will be able to watch the colourful lights dancing in the sky. The Svalbard landscape rounds off the experience in a special way. The clear air- as well as the sky, with little light- as well as atmospheric pollution, makes us feel as if we’re on another planet. This is a perfect tour for all photographers!

Important information
– No drinks or snacks will be served on this tour.
– There are no special discounts for children on this tour.
– We are happy to assist wheelchair users or persons with other disabilities, but the bus has no special adaptations. A folding wheelchair can be carried in the boot.

Do not forget:
It is important to bring a tripod with you on the tour, as Northern Lights photography require slower shutter speeds. We will assist you in capturing the moment so that you can take beautiful souvenir photos home with you.

Fun fact:
The Northern Lights are in a sense “southern lights” for us, as there is a good chance in Longyearbyen and the surrounding area that we will have to look south since Svalbard is north of the Northern Lights Oval.

Pick up:
You will be picked up at your accommodation and brought back at the end of the tour.

English, Norwegian, German and Swiss German.

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