Create Memories: Exclusive Discount for Educational School Groups

15% to 20% discount on rooms with us at Gjestehuset 102 for educational groups.

Travel is the best teacher. Start your group’s polar learning adventure in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Stay with us at Gjestehuset 102 and get special rates for your educational trips!

Hello there, explorers and educators! Take your educational experiences to new heights. Get ready to embrace the wild outdoors, learn new skills, and discover more camaraderie?

The untouched wilderness of Svalbard is a polar paradise you will be eager to explore. This remote archipelago boasts icy landscapes, dramatic fjords, and just a generally extraordinary nature. Picture your group skiing down a fresh snowy slope and learning the fascinating history of polar exploration, the science, and just everything about the arctic.

On the way to the ice cave with guide Jasper of Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions
Tequila, the dog, is on the watch as well!

Planning an educational escapade?

Gjestehuset 102 is a budget-friendly hostel in Longyearbyen. Located a little bit on the outskirts of town, the premises boast a gorgeous view of mountains and nature- peaceful and serene. Gjestehuset 102, and the other barracks in Nybyen, had been home to working miners for the neighboring mine, in the 1950s. Barack number 7, has been transformed to Gjestehuset 102 and has been accepting and accommodating wonderful guests from around the world since 2000. We have 7 single rooms, 19 twin rooms, and 4 4-bed mixed dormitory rooms. Breakfast is included in our rates.

Since Svalbard is a generally expensive destination for school trips, we are happy to offer 15% to 20% off our rooms for your educational trips this 2024.

Whether you’re planning a field trip, research conference, or an educational escapade, Gjestehuset 102 provides a comfortable and affordable accommodation option without compromising on quality. Our hostel offers a friendly atmosphere, and essential amenities for your daily needs for a comfortable stay in Longyearbyen.

Just a few of the educational groups we have accommodated include Ringebu Folkehøgskole, Ronningen Folkehøgskole, Bibelskolen Fjellhaug, and Kristiansand Folkehøgskole of Norway; Universitet København and Ordrup Gymnasium of Denmark; ETH Zurich Federal IT of Switzerland. And mooore!

Gjestehuset 102 by Håkon Dae Brensholm
We are located approximately 2 km from town, just a 25 minute walk!
Gjestehuset 102 by Håkon Brensholm
Simple but comfortable bedrooms
Dorm bed from 450 NOK
Breakfast Included
Rich breakfast to start your day is included!


Gjestehuset 102 has 7 single rooms, 19 twin rooms, and 4 four-people dormitory rooms. Breakfast, bed linens, and towels are included in our rates.


We can also help you plan your trip!

Our team is an expert on things to do in Svalbard. We can help you plan your adventure, or book the tours you wish to book for your group. PLUS! We offer some discounts on tours.

You can see an overview of tours on our Activity Page.

Our partner, Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, can help you have the best adventure and experience on Svalbard.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions is a small, sustainable business with more than 30 years of experience and mainly focused on hiking and kayaking activities in the Arctic wilderness.  and connecting with nature in small groups throughout the year. 

When visiting Svalbard, there are lots of opportunities to have great experiences while learning about the nature, culture, and history of this remote and unique archipelago in the north.  

The experienced guides from Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions use storytelling to convey the mining history reflected in the cultural artifacts along the way as well as in depth-examination of the untouched nature, glaciers, and tundra. The aim is to aid in the teaching of students through local knowledge and knowledge about Svalbard. 

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions organizes activities in the areas around Longyearbyen, with more time than the normal day trips and with a focus on a topic or topics you are interested in. The guides will find interesting points and give talks relevant to the specified subjects, creating a day of learning braided into the experience of hiking and kayaking on Svalbard. 

For further information, please visit, or contact us at

Kayaking trip
Ice Cave Challenge Glacier hike and climbing in an ice cave 3
Inside an ice cave

Embrace the spirit of discovery and let Gjestehuset 102 be your home away from home as your group sets forth on a memorable educational experience up north!

We look forward to being a part of your educational journey in 2024!

For booking inquiries or other questions, send us an e-mail at

See you here!