8 Reasons to visit Svalbard in the dark season

Northern Lights above Sarkofagen by Eirik Lilehugo

Are you thinking of visiting the northernmost inhabited town in the world, but still needs a little more convincing? Here are reasons why you should definitely come and visit Svalbard during the dark season!

Captain’s Favourites

Wildlife and Glacier Cruise Photo Eveline Lunde

With our open polar circle boats, we drive out on the fjord and set course for Coles Bay. The Arctic landscape is prominent, and it is impossible not to be captivated by the nature that surrounds the boat as it whizzes across Isfjorden.

10 Things to do in the Polar Night

IMG 7390

Much to one’s amusement, there are still quite a few you can do during the dark season. Here are 10 things you can do in the polar night.

The Blue Hour

IMG 7926

THE BLUE HOUR in Longyearbyen The thing that keeps locals so excitedly on the month of February is the Blue Hour. Yep, that’s right, not Valentine’s day, not any other thing, but the Blue Hour.       The Blue Hour refers to the time of the day where the sun tries to peep over […]