Julekalender: 25 days of Christmas Giveaways!

Julekalender: 25 days of Christmas Giveaways!

Gjestehuset 102 Julekalender is back! 

In cooperation with Arctica AS (arctica.no) and Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions (wildlife.no), we will be giving away Christmas giveaways to our guests staying with us from the 1st to the 25th of December!

When you stay with us during the period, you automatically have an entry to the draws, depending on your stay dates.

We will physically do the draw in the coffee room/breakfast room every day at around 09:30 in the morning.

EXCEPTION: Day 24 and Day 25 are special- these will not only be available with our guests but to everyone! This will be posted on our social media accounts! :)

Our Main Giveaways

Day 24. A day trip for 2 with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

One of our giveaway sponsors, Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, is happy to give away a day trip for 2 people! You can choose which day trip you want to join in. 

This giveaway is valid or applicable until December 2023.

The mechanic for this giveaway will be posted on Monday, the 12th of December on our Facebook Page and Instagram account.

Nature in Svalbard is beautiful, majestic, attractive, and demanding. An encounter with this Arctic wilderness makes an impression on those who experience it. The team at Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS makes the conditions favorable so that you as a whole can actively take part in Svalbard nature-based adventures.  

For inspiration, check out their website ahead for activities!

Good luck!


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Day 25.  Free 3-night accommodation at Gjestehuset 102 for 2

Have you been dreaming of visiting Svalbard during the northern lights season? Here is the sign to really make it happen!

One main giveaway for our Julekalender 2022 is a 3-night accommodation for 2 at Gjestehuset 102 during the Northern lights season, until 15th February 2023. Breakfast included.

The mechanics for this giveaway will be posted on our Facebook Page and Instagram account on Saturday, the 31st of December.

Gjestehuset 102 is a great spot to start your adventures for summer and winter trips. A lucky guest can spot polar foxes and reindeer, just by taking a look out the window. Get speechless during the dark season, where you can experience the starry skies, or see the Northern Lights dancing towards the south – a beautiful phenomenon we can see both day and night here in Longyearbyen.

Let us be part of the greatest adventure of your life!

Good luck!

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