Kayaking Activities

On a kayak trip, you will get closer to a nature experience and master a thrilling and traditional form of arctic travel. The trip will be led by experienced kayak guides within our safe boundaries, and is thus suitable for anybody with a spirit of adventure.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions offers multi-day kayaking activities as well. During the summer, the long fjords constitute the life nerve in the Arctic nature of Svalbard. This is where the seabirds nest in mountain cliffs, where the fox hunts for goose eggs in the beach zone, and where the polar bear hunts for seals on the ice floats by the glaciers. Billefjorden in the innermost part of Isfjorden is precisely such a fjord with a buzzing animal life in the summer. At the same time, Billefjorden offers a fantastic mountain and glacier landscape, as well as many cultural monuments from previous human activities on Svalbard. In the course of this trip, you will explore the fjord from the sea route, just like the old Arctic discoverers. Several days of kayak paddling will guarantee you a rich Svalbard experience!

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Kajakk i Arktisk Natur

Bli med på en hyggelig tur i vakre Adventfjorden. Vi padler ut fra Longyearbyen og har det majestetiske Hiorthfjellet foran oss. Hiorthamn ligger i vannkanten og er en tidligere gruveby. Den ble etablert i 1917 og inngangen til gruva ligger 582 meter over havet. Dette er et sted med fascinerende historie og kulturminner. På vår tur rundt i fjorden kan vi oppleve nærkontakt med dyre- og fuglelivet og får en flott naturopplevelse i kajakken.

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