Svalbard offers multi-day expeditions in both summer and winter. Such trips provide a close-up experience with the wild and untouched Arctic, including a rich animal and bird life right outside your tent.

Longer hiking trips are arranged during summer to destinations such as Northwest Spitsbergen, Prins Karls Forland and areas surrounding the Isfjord. Many of the hikes use permanent tented camps as bases, while other hikes involve moving in a larger area. Summer hikes may be combined with a visit to the ghost town of Pyramiden or an overnight stay at a wilderness camp. It’s possible to book hikes with pack dogs, while transport by boat during the summer months is an unforgettable experience. Multi-day trips by boat are not to be missed. If you are a photo enthusiast, we can highly recommend a photo cruise to the north of Svalbard.

Another summer option is a kayak expedition of four to eight days’ duration in the areas around the Billefjord, Dickson/Eckmanfjord, Kongsfjord or Krossfjord. Fitted out with modern and warm clothing, these kayak expeditions enable you to experience spectacular nature and silence that few places on earth can match. The kayak expeditions often involve paddling in front of glacier termini and between icebergs. The itineraries also include guided glacier walks and hikes, while sightings of seals, whales and other Arctic animals are not uncommon.

Multi-day excursions during winter involve travelling by snowmobile, skis or dog sled. The dog sledding expeditions provide a unique experience of the Arctic landscape. Loyal and eager huskies will become your best friends as you travel across Svalbard’s stunning landscape. Overnight accommodation is usually in tents or cabins.

The ideal time for ski expeditions is May as the summer approaches. The Midnight Sun makes it possible to get the most out of the days. Boat transport allows you to ski in pristine areas without another person in sight. Experience the contrasts of Svalbard, from sunny days to biting cold and from large white glaciers to Arctic flowers on the water’s edge.

No matter which Svalbard expedition you choose, you will remember it for the rest of your life!

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