Boattrip with Polargirl to Pyramiden & Nordenskiöldglacier - Polar Charter

5 days Skansbukta summer expedition: Hike from Skansbukta to Pyramiden

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Our best hiking in late summer!

Join one of our experienced guides on a hike from Skansbukta to the Pyramiden.

Participants meet the day in advance to get to know each other and guide goes through the chosen route, informs about private and public equipment, clothing and safety. You now will reach shopping if you need anything before departure.

All the common equipment, participants must share on carrying during the hike. Backpack can be up to 20-25 kilos.

Early morning on the day of departure, the guide will pick up all the participants for transport to our starting point in Skansbukta. This is a peaceful and beautiful place with a lot of interesting history that guide share with you before the hike begins.

Along the way, you will observe plants and wildlife on land, at the beach or in sea. Get ready for camera and binoculars!

The accommodation takes place in shared double tents, and guide determines when and where you camp for the night.

Everyone is given the time for being polar bear guard, so the group can sleep safely at night.

Guide is responsible for the necessary safety equipment.

Last day, you arrive at the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden, left by the Russians as late as 1998. Now only a few people left to take care of visitors through summer and winter. Here you will get a guided tour. The hotel is open and maybe they have fresh buns for sale? Bring NOK in cash as there is no internet access or possible to pay by credit card in the Pyramiden.

You cannot miss to see the beautiful Nordenskiöld glacier, located directly across the fjord.

Then it’s time for the boat trip back to Longyearbyen’s civilization.

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions are looking forward to joining you on the hike!

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Meeting Day: 

Important information meeting with packing and preparation of the trip at our warehouse in Longyearbyen.

Day 1. Arrival at Skansbukta

We enjoy this spectacular bay in all its splendour. Here we see remains of the plaster mine that goes into the Skansen mountain and remains behind old fishing stations opposite the bay. This bay is well protected from wind and weather, and a pleasant place to start the hike.

skansbukta hike

Day 2 and 3.

These two days we are heading towards the Pyramiden. This is a spectacular area of distinctive nature and very little tourism, and maybe we get a glimpse of Jotunfonna. The chances of seeing other people these two days are very small. We walk in easy terrain with some vegetation occasionally. There are canyon-like areas with beautiful lagoons, deep gorges and beautiful rock and clay formations. Along the way we can see different flowers such as Saxifraga and Svalbardvalmuen, yes, maybe we observe some wildlife as well? It is not uncommon to hit several bird species, reindeer and Polar fox. We take good breaks along the way and enjoy the trip, the tranquillity and the beautiful scenery. We find suitable places to make the camp and have the polar bear guard at night.

Day 4.

Last day and visit in the Russian abandoned mining town of Pyramiden. At lunch time we return by boat back to Longyearbyen. Upon arrival Longyearbyen you will be transported by car from the dock to the hotel

Boattrip with Polargirl to Pyramiden & Nordenskiöldglacier - Polar Charter

Demands of participants: Every participant will carry their own backpack. Weight approx. 20 kg inclusive personal and camp equipment, and food for the entire hiking period. Important that you read our suggestions of what to bring before departure. We will sleep in tents in sharing double tents.

:  Transport to/from your accommodation, food, tent, sleeping mat, experienced guide with necessary safety equipment. The price does not include sleeping bag which can be rented for NOK 500.

Minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants.

Period: 20.07.2021 and/or 06.08.2021 preparing day
Days: Tuesday and preparing day
Time: 14:00 preparing day and departure 07:30 Wednesday
Duration: 1 + 4 days
Price: NOK 11 280
Minimum 4 persons

NOK 500,- sleeping bag,

Demanding Level 4 of 5