8 days Spitsbergen Kayak expedition The Artic landscape of Isfjorden1

8 days Spitsbergen Kayak expedition: The Artic landscape of Isfjorden

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

he summer on Svalbard offers a varied experience of scenic landscape, wildlife, historic cultural remains, and last but not least the feeling of peace and quiet in untouched nature. A journey through the arctic landscape is best experienced with sufficient amount of time and quiet to sense and take in the impressions. Seven days of kayaking will give you the time and quiet to have an unforgettable journey.

In double kayaks, we will head for the fjords in the heart of Svalbard. During our arctic sea journey, we will venture into the untouched nature and will face numerous nature and cultural experiences – from grand mountains through wide open plains to spectacular glacier fronts – from 300 year old cultural remains to the modern day trapping.

Arrival day

Good planning, nice tour mates and careful preparations are half the trip! Due to that, it is important that all the participants have arrived Longyearbyen on Friday afternoon. The guide will pick you up at your choice of accommodation at 3 pm. During the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the other participants and to make sure you brought the necessary equipment. The guide will brief you on the planned route and give you an updated weather forecast. We will pack and prepare the kayaks for the next day before we end the meeting. Those who have a need to supplement their equipment will have time to do so before the sporting goods stores close at 6 pm.

Day 1 to 7:

We will depart from Longyearbyen by boat, crossing the Isfjord, and after two hours we will be set ashore north of Kapp Thordsen.. We will fine-tune the kayaks and equipment before we start paddling our kayaks. We have altogether 7 days ahead of us to explore and paddle the fjords of the north side of Isfjorden, and the return to Longyearbyen is not until the afternoon of day 7.

We will be paddling the whole day, but there will also be possibilities to experience the arctic wilderness by short hikes in the areas of the camps if desired and possible.

The stretch first day will not be too long, and we will stop at Drachsedalens outlet. Good camp ground is to be found here. We will take our time today to get used to and familiar with the kayaks and camping routines.

The last day we will be picked up by boat in the afternoon. The return trip to Longyearbyen will last app. 2 hours. Back in Longyearbyen we will unpack our stuff, and meet in the evening for dinner.

Here follows a brief description of the area and program for the expedition:

During the days we will spend our time in Ekmannfjorden, one of the most beautiful fjords on Svalbard with its idyllic bays, small islands, exciting geology and history. We will follow the eastside of the fjord to Tolmodbukta and Coraholmen. We will go ashore on Coraholmen, where we find snow white beaches with countless corals and a fascinating landscape with small lakes.

We will explore the inner regions of Ekmanfjorden, where we will paddle to the Selfstrøm Glacier and make several exploratory trips ashore to look at old trapper stations. The mountains surrounding us are characteristic red sandstone, and if the weather permits we may hike to the top of the mountain “Colosseum”.

From the glacier, we will cross over to the Westside of the fjord and head towards Flintholmen. We are now half way on our journey, and it might be a good time to stop by natures’ own “shower and bath facility”. Here, we can wash off four days of sweat under the waterfall or go for a swim in the fjord.

We will then continue our journey towards Sveaneset, and soon the view of the majestic Svea Glacier and the bay filled with calved ice from the glacier will unfold. We will establish our camp on the beach with a view towards the glacier with the calving glacier as our background music. The trip in front of the mighty glacier front of Sveabreen is considered to be one of the highlights of the expedition. At a safe distance we will have a glimpse of this exiting and thrilling element.

We will continue towards Bohemansneset. The waters here are shallow, and we may thus get some rough seas. The whole time, we will have a nice view of the areas in which we have kayaked the past week. At Bohemansneset, we will establish our last camp with a great view over Isfjorden and Nordfjorden. Along Boheman neset, we will make stops and visit the old mining site of merchant Zakariassen, the site on which coalmining started on Svalbard in the middle of the 19th century


Period: July
Days: 18.07.2021 packing in kayak day
Time: 15:00
Duration: 1 + 7 days
Price: NOK 23 900,- per person

NOK 500,- for sleeping bag

 Demanding Level 5 of 5

8 days Spitsbergen Kayak expedition The Artic landscape of Isfjorden6

General information: Be aware that the length per day, the trip and the activities may change due to weather conditions and the composition of the group. Bad weather and wind may cause us to shorten or lengthen the trip from what is described here. The area in Ekmanfjorden is well protected from the worst weather and we will spend more time here if the conditions call for it.

Please be in Longyearbyen at the latest, the day before departure in the afternoon

Demands of participants: You need to be experienced and trained in kayaking. However, no experience with camping trips is necessary. The guide will instruct you about the safety rules and we will wear dry suits. We will spend approximately 8 hours a day kayaking divided by 2 hours stretches with breaks onshore in between. The tour is medium demanding

Map: Norwegian Polar Institute map; C8 Billefjorden, B8 St. Jonsfjorden, B7 Tre Kroner,

Included in price: Transport to/from your accommodation, double kayaks, kayak clothing, food, tent, sleeping mat, experienced guide with necessary safety equipment. The price does not include a sleeping bag.

Minimum 4 participants and maximum 12 participants

If you lack sports equipment, contact the sports shop www.arctica.no/en/

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