Walrus Safari Open Boat

with Svalbard Adventures

Experience the walrus on our RIB boat tour to Borebukta, where these fascinating marine mammals are often observed on the ice in front of the glacier, in the water, and on land. Here, you will also encounter mighty glacier fronts and a distinctive fjord and mountain landscape.

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We cross Isfjorden and head towards Borebukta, approximately 20 nautical miles northwest of Longyearbyen. In the distance, you can already see the sharp mountain peaks surrounding Borebukta, which are surrounded by massive glaciers. Even with this spectacular view in sight, you should also keep an eye out for wildlife in the water during the crossing of Isfjorden. It’s not just walruses that we may be lucky enough to see on this trip. In recent years, there have been many whale sightings in the fjords around Longyearbyen, and the birdlife is abundant at this time of year. With an open RIB boat, we get closer to nature, and you can enjoy a full panoramic view.

— Good guides, some whales and plenty of walrus. They even came very close to the boat.

Magnus, Stockholm (Tripadvisor)

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
Per personNOK2,190.00 
Also available as:
Children under 15 yearsNOK945.00 


Difficulty: 3 of 5 – Average Physical Fitness

08:00 – 13:00

Minimum participants: 4 persons

Age limit: 10 years

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Today’s goal: spotting walruses in Borebukta

Once we arrive at Borebukta, we replenish our energy with hot toddy, coffee, and cookies while scanning for walruses and enjoying the view around the boat.

Half a century ago, walruses were protected after 350 years of hunting that had reduced their population to as few as a couple of hundred. In recent years, walruses have begun to return to their old gathering places, which we are fortunate to have around Isfjorden. A walrus can weigh as much as 1.5 tons, and although they may appear clumsy on land, they move gracefully and swiftly when in the water. Walruses are social animals and often appear in groups when foraging for clams on the ocean floor or when hauling out on land to rest.

Seeing wildlife is never guaranteed when traveling in Svalbard. Nevertheless, walruses are often spotted in the same places during the summer, and they are frequently observed in the water and on land in Borebukta. Our walrus safari does not involve landing, but from the boat, we have excellent opportunities to observe these curious marine mammals.

Practical Information

  • Transport to and from the accommodation
  • Floating suit, life vest, shoes and googles
  • Guide with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance
  • Lunch, hot drinks and biscuits
  • Due to infection control guidelines guest have to bring their own mittens, beanie and balaclava
  • We do not recommend this tour if you are pregnant or have back problems
  • Age limit: 10 years, or 14 years if the passenger is not accompanied by an adult.Height restriction: inseam of least 74 cm.
  • We recommend warm clothing to wear under the floating suit such as wool underwear, wool socks, thick sweater and windproof outer clothing
  • A small backpack for extra clothing and other items
  • Please state any food allergies or other preferences
  • For safety reasons, the route may change due to weather, wind and ice conditions

Svalbard has a common grading system so you will find the trip that suits you. Highlighted number is graded for this trip:

1 – Suitable for all

2 – Suitable for most

3 – Average physical fitness

4 – Above average physical fitness

5 – Demands exceptional physical fitness