Trollsteinen ski: Ski touring from the summit-

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

The mountain ridge forms a horseshoe around Larsbreen. At the highest point there is a huge rock, characteristic and roughly 850 meters above sea level, this stone really lives up to its name Trollstein. Naughty stone as a Troll.

This area is a great viewpoint, even in the dark.

Every Wednesday and Saturday when conditions are acceptable, Guide will pick up all the skiing guests at the respective hotels and have an information meeting regarding the trip and equipment.

We strongly recommend your own ski equipment to avoid time spent on rental and time to justify skis after the group is assembled.

After we ascended the mountain Trollsteinen, we take a break and enjoy nature’s tranquillity with warm expedition lunch before heading down to Longyearbyen. If we are lucky, there is powder snow – but we can expect hard-packed and partly icy snow as well. In the dark, we use headlamps.

We recommend bringing an extra sweater and cold drink. It is often cold when we take the lunch break. Remember good hiking/skiing shoes for the trip.

Period: February to May

From: 09:00
Duration: 6 hours
Price: NOK 1800

+ NOK 450 for renting probe, shovel, and beacon
+ NOK 1100 for skis, shoes, poles

Demanding Level 4 of 5

Minimum participants: 2 persons

Minimum age: 16 years


Included in the Price: 

Transportation to/from accommodation, snow shoes, headlamps, hot lunch, hot drinks, biscuits and guide with necessary safety equipment.

download 2Trollsteinen: Hike crossing the glaicer to the peak

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