Northern Lights Photo Safari

This Northern Light photo-safari takes us leisurely into Adventdalen, where we wait to hopefully with a little luck will be able to watch the colourful lights dancing in the sky.

Sightseeing winter with electrical fatbike 

A round trip with electric bikes enables you to experience a lot of Longyearbyen’s sights in a comfortable and efficient way, while getting close to nature. It is not uncommon to have to stop for reindeer and polar foxes when you travel silently and environment friendly on two wheels.

Guided Tour around Longyearbyen with mealtime

Start your stay in Svalbard with a pleasant and comfortable trip by minibus around Longyearbyen and in the surrounding areas with a local guide, who happily will continue the guiding over a meal after the drive in the minibus is over.

Ny-Ålesund: The Northernmost Town in the World

last ned

Join us on a trip to Ny-Ålesund, a former mining town and gateway to the Arctic. This was the starting point for famous explorers’ race to the North pole. Roald Amundsen, known as the first person to reach both to the South- and North pole, used Ny-Ålesund as his base when he journeyed to the pole in 1926 with the Airship NORGE.

Guided tour in the North Pole Expedition Museum

North pole expedition museum7

During this guided tour we’ll provide you with insights into the expeditions aimed at conquering the North Pole, as well as into the personal stories of the fearless and enthusiastic polar explorers who undertook these expeditions.

Catch of the day

catchoftheday bettermoments

With a closed rib, the possibilities are endless. Comfortable, warm and fast, we’ll travel to where the action is. With our years of experience, we’ll do our best to give you your greatest nature experience ever!