This is a must if you visit Svalbard, whether you choose Barentsburg or Pyramiden, you cannot miss the opportunity of being in one of the Russian settlements. On both boat trips you have a delicious warm lunch served onboard, and the guide will tell you different stories and interesting facts about Svalbard, while keeping an eye trying to spot whales, arctic foxes, birds, walrus, reindeer and polar bears.
Barentsburg is a Russian settlement which population is around 450 people whom some of them still work at the coal mine industry.

During the day trip you pass by Esmark glacier and another Russian ghost town called Grumant. On the way to Pyramiden, during the summer you can find amazing cliffs inhabited by puffins, geese, and different birds nesting and brooding on the steep cliffs, stalked by the arctic foxes. Pyramiden is a ghost town abandoned in 1998, and the settlement is nicely located almost in front of Nordenskiöld glacier, maybe the most beautiful glacier in Spitsbergen.

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