Dogsledding in the Polar Night

dogsledding polar night 5

A polarnight dog trip where the means of transport is dependent on snow conditions! You get to experience the wonderful Svalbard nature one way or the other!

Half day dog sledding trip in Bolterdalen


This dogsledgetrip goes through beautiful Bolterdalen, which offers unique arctic scenery and good chances of observing artic wildlife, such as reindeer and ptarmigan

3-day Dogsled Expedition


At this 3 day adventure with dogsledge, you will experience the best of the arctic..icecave visit, overnight in a trappers cabin and of course lots of mushing!

Dogsledding to an Ice Cave

Dogsledding to ice cave3

Travel with your own dogsled to a magnificent ice cave, accessible only by dogsled. Within the ice cave, the lights from our headlamps let us experience ice as few people have seen it.

Dogsledding on wheels

dogsledding in longyerabyen during summer

When the snow starts melting at the middle of June, we start using dogcarts instead of sledges. On this trip you can drive your own cart!