Walrus safari with closed RIB

with Svalbard Adventures

Spring has arrived in Svalbard and the teeming wildlife adds an extra dimension to boat trips at this time of year. We cross the Isfjord and set course for Borebukta, where the fascinating marine mammals can often be observed in colonies on the ice in front of the glaciers or swimming in the fjord.

One of the joys of May is finally being able to launch our boats again and experience Svalbard from a different perspective. As it’s still cool in the air in early spring, our enclosed rigid inflatable boat (RIB) offers added comfort with plenty of space, heating, comfortable seats, panoramic windows and onboard toilet facilities. This is a comfortable way to experience the view while keeping a lookout for wildlife.

Borebukta – surrounded by massive glaciers that frame the landscape

We set off from the harbour in Longyearbyen. Our main destination on this trip is the bay of Borebukta, which has been home to a colony of walruses in recent years. Our crossing of the Isfjord takes about an hour, depending on the weather conditions and observations of wildlife along the way. The landscape at Borebukta is framed by massive glaciers. By early spring, the migratory birds have arrived in Svalbard and, if we are lucky, we will see seals, walruses and lots of seabirds.



Difficulty: 3 of 5 – Average Physical Fitness

08:00 – 13:00

14:00 – 19:00

Minimum participants: 4 persons

Age limit: 10 years

Walrus Safari Boat Trip with Svalbard Adventures. Photo by janchristophelle

— They don’t look graceful on land, but in water, they are real acrobats!

Experience the walrus

Walruses became protected in Svalbard in 1952, after many years of hunting had severely reduced the population. Consequently, it’s a real pleasure to see that the walrus population has increased significantly and that these majestic animals have started returning to their former gathering places. One of these places is Borebukta, northwest of Longyearbyen. Walruses are social animals that often live in colonies. Early in the season, we can see walruses on the ice in front of the glaciers, on ice floes or in the water. While they don’t look so graceful on land, they are real acrobats in the water.

Lunch is served on board while we enjoy the spectacular nature. Our guide will also share stories about Svalbard and the wildlife.

Practical Information

  • Transport to and from the accommodation
  • Floating suit, life vest, shoes and googles
  • Guide with safety equipment
  • Search and rescue insurance
  • Lunch, hot drinks and biscuits
  • Due to infection control guidelines guest have to bring their own mittens, beanie and balaclava
  • We do not recommend this tour if you are pregnant or have back problems
  • Age limit: 10 years, or 14 years if the passenger is not accompanied by an adult.Height restriction: inseam of least 74 cm.
  • We recommend warm clothing to wear under the floating suit such as wool underwear, wool socks, thick sweater and windproof outer clothing
  • A small backpack for extra clothing and other items
  • Please state any food allergies or other preferences
  • For safety reasons, the route may change due to weather, wind and ice conditions

Svalbard has a common grading system so you will find the trip that suits you. Highlighted number is graded for this trip:

1 – Suitable for all

2 – Suitable for most

3 – Average physical fitness

4 – Above average physical fitness

5 – Demands exceptional physical fitness