RIB Safari to Pyramiden and Nordenskiöld Glacier

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We dress warmly before boarding the open rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and heading towards the Arctic ghost town of Pyramiden. You will experience the nature and culture at close range, not to mention the weather and wind.

Dogs & the Ocean – Along the arctic coast by dog wagon

Dogs the Ocean Along the Arctic coast by dog wagon 2

Dogs & the Ocean – Along the Arctic coast by dog wagon with Greendog Svalbard Dogs & the Ocean – Along the Arctic coast by dog wagon with Greendog Svalbard June to October 3 hours 990-, NOK This is a really nice tour, that fit the whole family, no matter age and condition. Join us […]

Dogsledding on wheels

dogsledding in longyerabyen during summer

When the snow starts melting at the middle of June, we start using dogcarts instead of sledges. On this trip you can drive your own cart!

Fuglefjella: Hike through Bjørndalen to the bird montains

Fuglefjella: Hike through Bjørndalen to the bird mountains with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions July-September 8 hours 1395-, NOK It is in the untouched nature you get the most magical Svalbard experience. In the fjords, the valleys and on the mountains you find sea birds nesting. You can experience the little auk, geese, guillemots, black guillemots, gulls, […]

Arctic Challenge: Hike and Kayak

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Arctic Challenge: Hiorthfjellet Hike and Kayak with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions June-September 11 hours 1950-, NOK Everybody has a relationship with Hjortfjellet, a mountain that towers with its characteristic shape on the other side of the fjord facing us in Longyearbyen. To climb its summit is a must. But it is tough, there is a good […]

Summer ATV Safari

atv safari summer 4

Summer ATV Safari with Svalbard Adventures May-October 3.5 hours 1490,- NOK/1090,- NOK We drive our ATVs into a classic Svalbard landscape in the Adventdalen, a valley shaped by glaciers and surrounded by mountains and interesting cultural monuments. Often, we see both Svalbard reindeers and Arctic foxes on this. We drive towards the foot of the […]


Kayaking Activities On a kayak trip, you will get closer to a nature experience and master a thrilling and traditional form of arctic travel. The trip will be led by experienced kayak guides within our safe boundaries, and is thus suitable for anybody with a spirit of adventure. Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions offers multi-day kayaking activities […]