Gjestehuset 102 Winter Specials

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There might not be too many activities to do in the dark season compared to the other seasons, but if you stay with us at Gjestehuset 102, you’ll find peace and fun at the same time.

8 Reasons to visit Svalbard in the dark season

Northern Lights above Sarkofagen by Eirik Lilehugo

Are you thinking of visiting the northernmost inhabited town in the world, but still needs a little more convincing? Do you have some questions or concerns on how it’s like to fly at 78 degrees north? Now here comes the reasons why you should definitely come and visit Svalbard during the dark season!

Northern Lights and Whys

Northern Lights and Whys text: Angie, Gjestehuset 102 “The north! the north! from out the northWhat founts of light are breaking forth,And streaming up these evening skies,A glorious wonder to our eyes!” HANNAH FLAGG GOULD, “The Aurora Borealis” Seeing the beautiful northern lights is mostly on everyone’s bucket lists until it’s ticked.  If not everyone, […]