• Sunsets and Smiles

    fun under the arctic sun

Sunsets are the most beautiful. Everyone loves it. It can be romantic for you, inspiring for me and calming for the rest. What makes the sunsets in Svalbard stand out is that, it is different- truly different.

Starting this Sunday, 25th of August, we will be seeing sunsets again. The sun will rise at 01:09 and set at 00:52- after almost 4 months under the midnight sun.


You can do a lot of things while sunset gazing at the same time- feeling how rewarding it is that a beautiful day has just passed, and a more beautiful one is about to come while admiring the beauty of nature and wildlife at the arctic. Having a glass of wine with a glacier ice in it is also not a bad idea- or kayaking on the glacier fronts, appreciating how the orange sky reflects upon the crystals, while being surrounded by arctic birds. Getting a funny conversation with friendly locals while sharing a beer on the shore, or just think of happy thoughts while good music plays in your ear at the summit of a mountain- that’s a therapy.

Most people might think that everyday, in all places in the world, there is sunset and sunrise- an everyday routine of the nature, but nah-ah, not here in Svalbard. These gorgeous sunsets are not to be missed. Every arctic angle is scenic, undeniably instagram-able and truly unique. A wonder not everyone knows about.

This can be experienced in just a short span of time as the dark season soon follows- if missed, we will have to wait another year to see how excited the sun is upon kissing the horizon after months of being up.

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