Our staff

Gjestehuset 102, your home away from home!

Gjestehuset 102 is a great spot to start your adventure for trips both summer and winter since we are surrounded by 2 glaciers, mountains, coal mines, fjords and wildlife! A lucky guest can manage to find polar foxes and reindeer hanging around, just by taking a look through the window.

Get speechless during the dark season, where you can experience the starry skies, or see the Northern Lights dancing towards the south a beautiful phenomenon we can see both day and night here in Longyearbyen.

Let us be part of the greatest chapter on your life!

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Olena Hindseth

General Manager

Olena moved to Longyearbyen five years ago for its enticing combination of peace, community and adventure. She has been working at Gjestehuset 102 the last three years, making this place even more friendly and cosier. If you need help, have any questions, or insolvable situations she will be right person to contact and count on her experience!

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Angie Magnaong

Marketing & Web, Reception

Coming from a tropical country, Angie never had thought she would be able to set foot on a place far from home and is opposite on almost everything. Upon walking through the Gjestehuset 102 front desk, make sure to feel yourself at home as she will warmly be welcoming you. Truly, for Angie, Gjestehuset 102 is her home away from home- and for you too!

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Khristin Aina Grana

Breakfast & Housekeeping, Reception

Khristin has been living her best life since she moved to Svalbard 3 years ago. Although she had only a little idea of this gem up North, she fell in love with all of Svalbard- the people, the extreme environment, and just everything in between. Being born and raised in a hospitable country such as the Philippines, expect Khristin to render the same. Happy to serve you as you start your day with a breakfast to whenever you need assistance.

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Chena Magnaong