Looking for a nice indoor activity in Longyearbyen, where you at the same time get to use your hands and your creativity? Join us and create your own unique Arctic souvenirs! What’s better than bringing something personal from your journey? At Arctic Workshop you can make your very own local craft. You can use raw or recycled materials from Svalbard, inspired by the scenic surroundings around you. These personal souvenirs are perfect as unique Svalbard gifts, or just as nice memories from your Arctic experience.

Longyearbyen is surrounded by wilderness, and one can find inspiration everywhere! Here you can get ideas from elements in the mountains, the sea, the tundra, in the silence or the bustling wildlife. You can use patterns inspired by, for example, bear tracks, flowers or snowflakes…at Arctic workshop you can make jewellery from your memories!

Svalbard has long traditions with crafts, and intriguing history related to the use of different techniques and materials. Whalers and hunters have been making use of driftwood for centuries, the Russian Pomor people made clothes using needle binding, and reindeer antlers have long been used as a material for jewellery and utility items. At Arctic Workshop they show you how to use natural materials to make everything from wallets to key rings! Or how about a spectacle case or a candle holder? Only your imagination sets the limits and the competent guides help you with everything from material and design ideas.

The workshop offers a homely atmosphere and is a nice alternative if you want a quiet and more urban activity – and suitable for the whole family. Maybe you need a break from the expeditions outside the city? Arctic Workshop is organized for the disabled and children of all ages. Included are pickup at the hotel, food and drinks. The workshop is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and lasts for 5 hours.

Come and find your inner craftsman!

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