HalloWeek! - Halloween Offer at Gjestehuset 102

HalloWeek! - Halloween Offer at Gjestehuset 102

Special offers and arrangements arranged only for the halloween week.

Spend the spookiest time of the year at 78 degrees north!

The Halloween season will be soon just around the corner. Are you into spooky, scary, and eerie? Or are you someone who wants to experience this time of the year somewhere out of the ordinary, somewhere in Svalbard, maybe? If yes, then this might be your chance to tick both on the list!

Gjestehuset 102 has come up with a week-long program of spooky-fun activities to do and experience during the Halloween, adding a bit more spice to your typical visit up North. Every night, from the 27th to the 31st of October, one engaging activity is arranged. Each night will be a night of fun adventure, socialization, and maybe spooky story tellings!  With the eerie feels of the dark season, be ready to encounter a once-in-a-lifetime Halloween experience on top of the world.

Here are the programs we have prepared for you that will make you quake in your boots just before the witching hour:

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27. October, Friday, 19:00

Movie Night

What’s the most typical thing you can do during halloween?! Watch a horror movie- of course. We’ll start the hallo-week by watching.. the scariest movie of all time? It sure will be fun, with the perfect halloween atmosphere? We provide you with the scariest movie. Be careful, it’s dark outside so you never know who or what could creep into our hostel and climb inside to haunt you.

We’ll make use of our big projector and use the coffee room. The movie starts at 19:00.

The fee is 30 NOK per person. 100 NOK for a group of 4. Fees will be used for snacks and drinks! 

28. October, Saturday, 19:00

Spooky guided tour to the scary corners of  the town

What better thing to do on Halloween than going outside for a walk through the city? We will use the eerie atmosphere in the darkness to discover Nybyen and Longyearbyen. Get a unique city-walk as it has never been done before. Be careful not to lose your nerves … but do not worry much, as the lady Aurora might guide us on our walk while she graces the sky above us!

The ideal route for this tour is Nybyen-Mine 2B-Huset-Cemetery-Church-Town

We will tell you not only spooky stories but also historical facts about our little town. 

We can end the tour with a short and relaxed visit to one of the pubs in town. This is during the Dark Season Blues so you can buy a ticket to enter pubs and watch a live concert! How fun!

Since it is generally dark in Longyearbyen, a reflective vest is a must when walking around. You can purchase the vest at the reception. 

The fee for the walking tour is 175 NOK per person, If you purchase this together with the Lecture night (which costs 175), you pay only 300 NOK for both. Tour starts at 19:00 and we meet up on the main stairs of the hostel. Tour will take approximately 2 hours. Dress warmly! Otherwise, we have to get Casper to give you warm hugs 👻

Spooky cemetery....
From our spooky walk last year, we saw Northern Lights!
Casper will follow us everywhere....
board game friends playing table sofa

29. October, Sunday, 19:00

Game Night

In between all our scary events, we will have a calm evening sitting comfortably together to play some board or card games…. But who knows, it’s Halloween. So, you never know what could happen. :P

We encourage you to bring some board games with you if you can! What about introducing us to a game that’s original to where you come from? That would be cool!

Games in mind (plan):

  • Charades
  • Jenga
  • Board games
  • Card games

No fee, just bring some snacks we can share with others!

19:00 at the coffee room.

30. October, Monday, 18:00

Lecture Night with Giorgia


This evening will be an enchanting and fulfilling one with a very informative lecture by our receptionist and also a local guide, Giorgia. She will pesent us facts and information about Svalbard, the wildlife, especially about the King of the Arctic; the Polar Bear, and some interesting facts about the northernmost inhabited town of the world, Longyearbyen.

The lecture will start at 18:00 and will take around 1,5 to 2 hours. Fee is 175,- including snacks and drinks. If you’re participating on the spooky walk, you pay only 300,- for both activities! We will use the coffee room with audio-visual equipment.

(sample photo, not ours. credits: ais.com)
Photo from last year: in which some forgot to take a costume with them :D

31. October - Happy Halloween!

Spooky (but cozy) Halloween dinner buffet

What would be Halloween without some good food? We will be ending the eventful week(end) with a really cozy and happy evening of yummy foods, great company, and just a happy (yet spooky, maybe?) atmosphere!

The menu in plan (tentative):

  • Sausage fingers
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Cookies 
  • Pizza
  • Charcuterie
  • Home-made Korean Fried Chicken by our staff!
  • and more!

It’s the Halloween! So you are to dress up to your Halloween character of the year. Do not forget to bring it with you :)

Fee: 180,- per person. We, the staff will be doing the foods! Drinks can be purchased at the reception.

it's dinner time!

Our Special Room Rates for the Halloween!

We’ve come up with special room rates as well during this special week! When you stay minimum  4 nights, get a single room for 800NOK, a twin room for 995 NOK, and a bed in a dorm for 470 NOK. As usual, breakfast, bed linens, and towels are included! 

DSC 5159 копия 1
DSC 5157 – Kopi

Important things to remember

  • For each event, we will require you to register. Please send us an email specifying which of the events you would want to participate in, so we have the list!
  • Please remember that on the last day of our hallo-week, a Halloween dinner will be held, so we encourage you to dress up to another character apart from yourself, if you can, it’d be fun!
  • To those participating in the Halloween dinner, give us your allergy information upon registration.
  • Encourage your friends to come! It’d be cool to spend your Halloween in the darkest place, with the coolest people! :)

See you!!!

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