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At the turn of the 19th century, Europe consisted of many developing nations striving to settle and expand their territory as well as increase their cultural capital. Human curiosity combined with economic, national, and personal ambitions led to a race to set records. The most sought-after record was “the farthest north” – The North Pole. Historic attempts to reach The North Pole were made with ships, dog sleds, skis, planes and airships.

During this guided tour we’ll provide you with insights into the expeditions aimed at conquering the North Pole, as well as into the personal stories of the fearless and enthusiastic polar explorers who undertook these expeditions. 

As it often happens, there is a huge number of various myths and legends surrounding a majority of these Arctic expeditions. Our goal is to clearly communicate a fact-based understanding of such multicultural and diversified history as the one about the North Pole discovery. You can barely imagine how many links it has!

We will help you to find the way through this long and winding path in the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen, Frederick Cook and Robert Peary, Walter Wellman, Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile.

Let’s travel in time!

North pole expedition museum
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Controversy and a general lack of information often surround historical polar events and expeditions. The museum seeks to clearly communicate a fact-based understanding of these stories both during and after the expeditions, emphasizing the diversity of the personal stories of the explorers throughout history. The museum tells stories about polar expeditions with airships, skis, dog sleds, boats, and by foot.

The exhibition consists of two floors featuring original documents, historical artifacts, images, film footage, and other cultural heritage. Your visit will allow you to understand the tremendous human effort explorers put forth to explore these mysterious frozen landscapes driven by curiosity and in pursuit of scientific inquiry. Most of the texts you will see while visiting the museum were written by relatives of the explorers recounting their journey to reach the North Pole throughout the last century.

Arctic exploration is multicultural by nature and the North Pole Expedition Museum represents history from Norway, Russia, Italy, America, Sweden, Holland, France, Czech Republic, and Finland. Main themes and focuses of the museum are: Nansen, and the ship Fram (1893-1896) Andrée, and the balloon Ørnen (1896-1897) The Duke of Abruzzi, and the ship Stella Polare (1899) Cook and Peary (1906-1907) Wellman, and the airship America (1907/1909) Amundsen, Ellsworth, and Nobile’s Norge expedition (1926) Italia expedition (1928) and the following rescue operation after the crash on the sea ice which constitutes the largest rescue operation in the Arctic to date.

Practical Information

Only the ground floor exhibit is accessible for wheelchair users

guided tour, entry ticket to the museum

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AdultsNOK350.00 per person
Children under 12 yearsNOK175.00 per person
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