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Group Booking Special Rates - Polar Night

Come and visit Svalbard in the polar night as a group and enjoy our special rates!  The Dark Season in Svalbard, also called the Northern Lights season, is characterized by long polar nights, which give us the possibility of seeing the beautiful lady aurora even in the daytime.

Get the brightest smile in the darkest place! Enjoy a piece of the longest night of the year, discover the delight of Svalbard when the sun leaves, and let the Aurora Borealis shine above the snowy mountains and fjords. 

Admire the beauty of the Polar Night – the silence, the snow, the starry skies… Experience the wonders of this truly exotic destination. 

Here are our special rates for group bookings in the polar night:

Standard Single Room

with shared facilities
NOK 695 per room per night
  • Breakfast Included
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Free WiFi

Standard Twin Room

with shared facilities
NOK 795 per room per night
  • Breakfast Included
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Free Wifi

A bed in a Mixed Dorm

with shared facilities
NOK 360 per bed per night
  • Breakfast Included
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Free WiFi


Minimum Stay: 3 nights , Minimum pax: 10 people

Standard Cancellation policy. Breakfast, bed linens, and towels, are included.


By booking with us directly, you’ll get 5% off on activities with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, Svalbard Adventures, and Greendog Svalbard. We can help you book and plan for your activities as well!

For questions and practical information, head over to our FAQ page

Reasons of Booking with us directly.

We know that there are lots of other ways to book your stay with us, but nothing beats a direct booking! Here’s why:


  • Get 5% off on some activities on Svalbard! – Yes, that’s correct. When you book your room with us directly, either via our website or e-mail, you can enjoy a 5% discount on some of the activities displayed on the Activity Calendar. This includes activities with our preferred partners, Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, Polar Charter, and Svalbard Adventures! Just e-mail us with the booking activity information. 
  • Live Customer Service – when you contact us, you know you are talking to someone directly at Gjestehuset102. Call us anytime at +47 900 30 321 or email us at
  • Most Accurate Information – we at Gjestehuset102 update everything on our website. So you’ll know real-time information about our amenities, and activities as well!
  • Lowest Rates – lots of online travel websites claim that they’ve got the best rates. When you book directly with us, you actually save more!
  • Exclusive Offers available ONLY on our website – yes that’s right. We have promotional offers all year round, and these offers can only be availed when you book directly with us. This means more savings!
  • Exclusive reduction offers available when booking directly with us – returning guests? or a big group? book your stay directly with us and get discounts. We offer 10% to returning guests and up to 20% to large groups!
  • You are supporting the actual business! – we encourage you to book directly with us. When you book with us directly, you are supporting the actual business. Accommodation sites, like ours,  pay commissions to 3rd-party booking channels.

Single Room with Shared Bathroom

A cozy bed in a little room that will let you sleep tight during the polar night or day.
There is a basin that represents the life of mine workers in the past, enough space for storage, a writing table for work. WiFi, breakfast, and bed linen are included in the price.

from 695,- NOK

Twin/Double Room with Shared Bathroom

We have two types of bed set-ups in our two-person rooms– Twin beds that remember the time when Gjestehuset 102 was a “millionaires’ house”: solid wooden constructions with mattresses that easily can be sitting sofas as well.
And 2 single beds of 90cm that can be joined together or separately. The wall lamps will allow you to read. The washbasin reflects the time of the mining industry on Svalbard.

WiFi, breakfast, and linens are included in the price.

from 795,- NOK

A bed in a 4-people Mixed Dormitory Room

A bed in a dormitory will allow you to make friends very easily. There are washbasin and storage options. Breakfast, bed linens, and towels are included.

from 360,- NOK per bed

Check full availability here

Gjestehuset 102 was formerly the “millionaires’ mansion”, arranged for the best and most experienced miners, built in 1946. In 1999, Barrack 102 became Gjestehuset 102, currently hosting the happiest visitors in town.

We do not offer a luxury stay, but a 5-star experience in the Arctic!

Let us be part of the greatest chapter of your life!


Top things to do in the Polar Night

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