Gjestehuset 102 winter specials

Gjestehuset 102 Winter Specials

Christmas Calendar, and more!

There might not be too many activities to do in the dark season compared to the other seasons, but if you stay with us at Gjestehuset 102, you’ll find peace and fun at the same time. During this quiet, peaceful period, we’ve come up with some gimmicks that will let you form friendships with fellow travelers, have fun and appreciate the serenity of the polar night, and enjoy the the joy of the Christmas season- arctic style.


Join our challenges and win sur-prizes!

November Video Challenge

DSC 5006 – Kopi
photo: Polina Bublik

November- the month when the very last rays of light are seen. Grab your phone or camera and participate on our video challenge.

How it works:

  1. Create a video during your visit on Svalbard
  2. Send us the video in November, we will then upload it on our social media pages on the last day of the month.
  3. Voting takes place on the 1st week of December, everybody on Facebook and Instagram can like the uploaded videos. 
  4. Get the most likes for your video. You can invite your friends to like your video.
  5. We pick the 3 most-liked videos and win a surprise gift- a small package of Svalbard souvenirs and merch.


  • Enjoy your stay in Svalbard and at Gjestehuset 102
  • Video length must be between 1 and 5 minutes
  • Follow rules -> Videos with content/ actions violating the law will not be published
  • The video should contain some pictures/ videos from Longyearbyen and/or Gjestehuset 102
  • Keep the rules for drone flying, music, and personal rights in mind when filming and editing

The video can be about anything, it can show nature, trips, your free time, insights in Gjestehuset 102, or whatever creative idea you have 😊

When participating in the challenge, you consent to us publishing the video on our website and social media platforms. When sending the video to us, you state that the music used follows the music rights, that all footage follows personal rights laws, and that all the people who are shown up close consent to having their footage shown in public. Multiple video entries per person/group are permitted.

tn 200116 SA day3 foto jan christophelle 010
photo: Svalbard Adventures

 For some inspiration, check out this video:

December Julekalender: 24 days of Christmas

Gjestehuset 102 Julekalender is back! But this time, it will be exclusive only for our staying guests on the 1st to the 24th of December. Each day during this period, we will draw one winner that will receive a Christmas gift as our token of appreciation! The main giveaways which is taken place on the last day, Christmas day, is a tour for 2 with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions and a free accommodation at Gjestehuset 102! Learn more on the link below:

Colorful Christmas Advent Calendar Poster 2

January & February: Let’s build a snowma– anything challenge

What better thing to do in winter than build a snowman? We have so many wonderful and creative guests, let’s not reduce it to snowMEN only. We challenge our guests to build the most creative sculpture from snow they can think of: snow woman, polar bear, perhaps… SNOWmobile? Or  unicorn, alien, pentagonal dodecahedron… the list goes on!

How it works:

  1. Build anything from snow. Coolest if you do it outside the hostel!
  2. Send us a picture of the object with you and whoever helped you build it. We will then share it on our social media on the last day of January and February.
  3. The voting period is the first week of the following month. 
  4. Get the most likes for your picture. Invite your friends to like your entry!
  5. We pick the 3 most-liked snow figure and win a surprise gift- a small package of Svalbard souvenirs and merch!


  • Have fun and stay warm
  • You can use tools and equipment, but the main building material must be snow
  • It has to be built on Svalbard.
  • Keep it safe: your sculpture should not endanger anything or anybody
  • Consider melting: if you use decoration (scarves, hats, etc), please only put it on for the picture, so we don’t litter when the snow melts.

Be aware that the Gjestehuset 102 – Team might participate in the challenge as well, so give your best to make us speechless with your creativity.

When participating in the challenge, you consent to us publishing the picture on our website and social media platforms. When sending the picture to us, you state that all the people shown in the picture consent to having their footage shown in public. Multiple snow sculpture entries per person/group are permitted.

a dodecahedron
1 5285371
a cute polar bear cub

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