Dogsledding to ice cave3

Dogsledding to a big Ice Cave

with Greendog Svalbard

You will be collected from the hotel entrance and driven to the Green Dog dog yard which is located approximately 12km from Longyearbyen. Once there you will be supplied with outer clothes for the tour and given an introduction to dogsledding. Each sled will take two guests, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the ride as a passenger and try mushing for yourself. You run with 5-6 huskies , but the leading sled with the guide and two guests, will run a 12 team. It is around 10 kilometres of sledding to the ice cave and when approaching the glacier, you may have to help the dogs,since the icecave is located at a height of 400 metres.The group will stop at the beautiful ice cave hidden inside the Scott Turner glacier, and explore the cave while the dogs rest.

During the summer the ice cave is a bubbling meltwater river, and you will be able to see how the water has cut a path through the ancient ice, leaving beautiful formations in the walls and roof. After we’ve visited the ice cave, we will enjoy a light lunch and a hot drink in Our tent. The group will then return to their well-rested dogs, who will now be eager to head downhill, through Bolterdalen and back home to the dog yard, where we will meet the youngest puppies.

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
AdultsNOK3190.00 per person
Children under 12 yearsNOK1,495.00 per person
Dogsledding to ice cave

Included in the Price: 

  • Pick up/drop off at hotel in Longyearbyen
  • Freezedried lunch on trip/coffee&bisquits.
  • Green Dog provides suit,boots,mittens,hat and neck gaiter. Goggles if needed.
  • The guide will bring helmet and headlamp for you
  • You need to wear a warm innerlayer and extra socks.
  • After the tour, you meet the puppies.
  • All guests gets a free Green Dog neckgaiter!