Fuglefjella: Hike through Bjørndalen to the bird mountains

It is in the untouched nature you get the most magical Svalbard experience. In the fjords, the valleys and on the mountains you find sea birds nesting. You can experience the little auk, geese, guillemots, black guillemots, gulls, fulmars and maybe even the Svalbard Ptarmigan.

Plateau Mountain Hike

Join us for a hike to the view point at Platåfjellet at 424 meters above sea level with a great view over Longyearbyen.

Arctic Challenge: Hike and Kayak


To climb its summit is a must. But it is tough, there is a good reason why this trip has the name “The Arctic Challenge”; The fjord must be crossed by kayak and then around 1000 altitude metres in an untouched terrain await to be climbed.

Walrus Safari Open Boat

Walrus Safri Gjestehuset 102 Svalbard Adventures 3

Experience the walrus on our RIB boat tour to Borebukta, where these fascinating marine mammals are often observed on the ice in front of the glacier, in the water, and on land. Here, you will also encounter mighty glacier fronts and a distinctive fjord and mountain landscape.