Blomsterdalen: Hike in the area with the Seed Vault

Blomsterdalen: Hike in the area with the Seed Vault

with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Blomsterdalshøgda, just west of Longyearbyen, stands at 321 metres above sea level, and overlooks Adventfjorden.

In summer, its slopes are covered with many of Svalbard’s plants and flowers. In winter it is transformed into a world of rock, snow, and ice. After a short drive out of Longyearbyen, we will hike to the peak. If weather permits, we will have incredible view. Be sure to bring your camera!

During the tour, our guide will give information and you will see remainings after mining activity, Mine 3 and the Global Seed Vault from outside, which is one of the most unique places on Svalbard. Carved deep into the permafrost, the Seed Vault preserves an incredible array of the world’s species of plants. Your knowledgeable guide will share some insight about the Global Seed Vault and Svalbard’s important place in the world of science and conservation. 

We serve something warm to drink and biscuits and recommend bringing something cold to drink, a small backpack. warm clothing and good hiking boots. You can bring your own lunch if you want.

The ascent and descent are a reasonable gradient. No previous experience needed. The tour  

Not allowed to go inside seed vault.


Period: Whole year
From: 09:00 and 17:00
Duration: 4 hours
Price: NOK 1080

Demanding Level 3 of 5

Included in the price:

Transportation to/from the accommodation site, hot drinks, biscuits and a guide with necessary safety equipment.

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The owner and founder of Gjestehuset 102 and Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, Arne Kristoffersen, was in group planning and establishing area for the Seed Vault (second from left).

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