Travelling, for most people, is really therapeutic- it is an escape from the real world.

It is indeed joyful to spend time with people of different cultures around the globe. Some places might fill the void in your heart and would help you discover more the wanderlust soul in you.

The northernmost islands of Svalbard offers various activities that will surely fill your adventurous soul. Adventures that are unique, and cannot be done to most places in the world. How about kayaking in front of beautiful arctic glaciers while seeing the sunset? Or visiting the world’s northernmost piano? How about a sightseeing to the world’s northernmost group of wildlife- arctic foxes, reindeer and even Polar Bears if you get lucky! This ber season is definitely the time to come up here- no more wishful thinking, no more doubts. Get ready to tick these off on your bucket list and plan your journey now on the beautiful islands of Svalbard!

Polar ‘Ber’: 4 Reasons to visit the arctic this Ber season

1.) The Arctic Sunset

Whether you are the type of person who’s obsessed with sunsets or the type who’s not into these, you shouldn’t miss how the sun kisses the still-snow-covered mountain tops (in some areas of Svalbard). The sun starts to set by the end of August. This means by September, we still get to experience long sunny days ending with gorgeous sunsets. Still, there are lots of activities to do such as kayaking, boat trips around Spitsbergen and more!

2.) City Lights and Starry Nights

Are you a fan of Vincent Van Gogh’s ¨A starry night,¨ or simply an ‘astrophile’ who loves seeing stars? In the dark season, the arctic sky gives off its luminous self. Whatever you call yourself, stargazing on the northernmost inhabited town on earth deserves a place on your bucket list!

3.) Dark Season Blues

There are annual festivals focusing on food, literature, art – and of course the famous Dark Season Blues…Svalbard’s biggest music event of the year!

This annual festival in late October marks the beginning of the dark season when daylight and the sun are about to leave Svalbard for four long winter months. Do not miss this!

4.) The last but not the least – the magical Aurora Borealis

The lady Aurora seems too beautiful to be true but yes, it is- and it is everyone’s dream. The northern lights season starts from October. Darkness covers the whole archipelago but with a beautiful twist- lights in colours green, pink and purple gracefully dominate the arctic heavens. This should be on top of your adventure list! Wondering what activities to do when the whole island is dark? We still have a lot- snowmobile activities, ice cave visits, dog sleddings and more!

Do not miss the chance to explore Svalbard during the perfect season, when the night is long and silent.
Fall in love with this place and let it allure you through unique experiences on land and sea, at any time of the day.

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Hurry and let the most unique adventure begins!