accommodation + ACTIVITY OFFERS

We’ve come up with several accommodation+ activity offers that may suit your budget and travel plan.

tn Winter Snowmobile ice cave Svalbvard Vemund Solli
Walrus Safri Gjestehuset 102Svalbard Adventures 1030x676 1
15 May to 15 June

May Offer: Wildlife

3-night stay, walrus safari, and a hike to Plateau mountain for 4975 NOK.

Dogsledding to ice cave6
1 to 31 May

May Offer: Wilderness

3-night stay, dogledding trip to Bolterdalen, and a hike to Plateau mountain for 4320 NOK.

Fjord safari to Pyramiden by Svalbard Adventures Gjestehuset 102
16 June to 15 September

Summer Offer

3 night stay + a panoramic hike to Plateau mountain + fjord safari to Nordesnkiold glacier

Snowmobile safari to the wild fjords Svalbard Adventures
1 March to 15 May

Sunny Winter Offer

3-night stay + Snowmobile to the Wild Fjords + A panoramic hike to Plateau mountain. For only 4850 NOK. Breakfast included.